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Check out for the hottest projects we're currently working on. Stay updated with our latest buzz-worthy creations every month! 🌟

Image by Katie Rodriguez

Meet The Team

Discover the Aqua Purify Pro Cleanse, an advanced water purification system designed for family safety. This innovative prototype simplifies drinking water purification through a three-stage process: natural multi-layer filtration, high-efficiency boiling, and rapid cooling. Operated by an Arduino Uno with an LCD display, it ensures easy monitoring and operation. 


Meet The Team


🌎✨ Meet the SeeingCO2 - the ultimate portable device by Donnie, Mitchell, and Alex that monitors CO2 levels on the go! 🌱 With its handy WiFi feature, just scan the QR code on the OLED display to access a stunning dashboard from any device. 📲

Meet The Team


This month, we're bringing a classic back to life! Meet our special project: a follow-me robot called Makey, originally designed by Kris Magri. 🛠️🔧

Crafted with an Arduino (or ESP32/Pico W), this bot comes equipped with a spinning ultrasonic sensor to navigate and follow with precision. 🔄📡




Crafted from recycled materials, the "Recycle-Bot" is a testament to the power of imagination and resourcefulness. This nifty little robot doesn't just teach your kids about robotics - it's a hands-on lesson in sustainability and creativity.


With sensors crafted from microswitches, it smartly navigates around obstacles, turning everyday learning into an adventure in green tech.🌿🤖


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