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Haruki Robotics Lab

Your Journey to Becoming a Maker Begins Here

Image by Bailey Alexander

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3D Design

Courses curated for kids aged 4-15

Guided by authentic makers

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Wooden Boards

Chris is like, this super smart teacher who's got a Master's degree in Electroincs from UCLA. He totally loves his job and you can tell he's really proud of what he does. It's not just about teaching stuff, he goes all out to make sure we're all having a good time while learning. Seriously, he's awesome!

- -Sam, 15, THS student

I want to live here!

- -Enzo, 4, a CIS student

This class is amazing because Chris is a really funny teacher and he's always teaching new things, he can possibly build anything with me! ^^

- -Yumi, 12, HKIS student

At Haruki Robotics, I can explore a variety of coding and robotic projects with a supporting, nurturing teacher. Whether you are a budding maker who loves DIY toys or an advanced programmer looking for competitive experience, Haruki Robotics is the right place for you!

- -Casey, 14, ISF student

This is such a great place to learn coding & robotics from scratch. The teacher is super patient and the classes are always fun!

- -Shin, 15, an ISF student

The best part is playing a game that you've designed and made by yourself. It's the best experience ever!

- - Jamie, 10, a HKIS student

Renovation Tools


Our goal is to be the premier makerspace in Hong Kong, offering customized, small-scale classes in robotics, 3D design, coding, and electronics.

Each lesson plan is tailored to the individual, setting us apart and affirming our commitment to personal, hands-on learning experiences.

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